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Why Do I Need a Trademark?

Trademarks give you – and you alone – exclusive rights to your brand names, slogans, and logos. Anyone who tries to steal, use, or copy your trademarked property faces legal consequences. You can focus on building your business and pursuing the American dream, secure that your intellectual property is protected by federal law. 

Without a registered trademark, you risk losing the unique characteristics that identify your goods or services. Protect your business from intellectual property theft by legally registering your trademark today.

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What Can I Trademark?

You can register trademarks for your business name, slogan, or logo (if no one else registered them).

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What Can't I Trademark?

There are other ways you can protect inventions and original creative works. See our About page for details.

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Why Choose American Trademarks?

American business owners, innovators, and entrepreneurs like you deserve a fast, affordable trademark registration service to protect your financial interests. You choose which level of search you want:

When you’re ready to file, do it yourself or let an experienced patent and trademark attorney take care of everything for you. American Trademarks can file your trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office within seven business days or sooner. 

American Trademarks donates 2% of its profits to veterans who protect our American freedom 

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